Esophageal Cancer, Aloha Shirts and Tropical Sugar-Free Popsicles

Aloha Shirts

The chemo venue at my cancer center is not a haven for folks in good health.  But, it is a necessary part of my life for the next 4 months and I do my best to lighten the atmosphere.  A small contribution on my part is my weekly sporting of Aloha shirts (Hawaiian shirts to you novices) to brighten up the place.  This chemo uniform also includes pink flamingo socks and a smile for those that need it. Maybe next week I will bring in a plastic flamingo to mount on my recliner.



While still in ICU after esophagectomy, I was restricted to a liquid diet.  Luckily it did include sugar-free popsicles.  I included these as an element of all 3 squares a day.  No one told me that they are a class C narcotic.  I have been hooked ever since and keep two boxes of sugar-free tropical popsicles in the freezer at all times.  I have tried methadone, but nothing seems to get the monkey off my back.


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